A word from our Senior Pastor Brad Powell...

Thursday, December 24, 7:16p

The Glory of Christmas has allowed us, for twenty-eight years, to share the hope of Jesus and to wake the world up to the reality of Him. It’s been an unbelievable ministry reaching over 30,000 people each year, with sixty to seventy percent being new people each year! Only God.

This year, due to COVID and social distancing… we’ve had to reimagine... and we are excited! We actually believe God has opened a new door for us to reach even further… The NorthRidge Christmas Eve Experience!

This will be an online-only experience on Christmas Eve… and though it’s something we’ve never done before… it will be an experience similar to GOC. And, the number of people you can invite to experience the Hope of Jesus is limitless... so join us in praying for this special event and invite family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors!

Watch for more information!